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28 Days Personal Finance Transformation - BUY COHORT 2 - This is not active

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This batch has been completed sucessfully. - Please buy Cohort 2

You work hard to make money, is your money working harder to make you financially fit?

People equate money with words like "Independence" , "Freedom", "Control and power" and "Be your own boss" . Most of these attributes hint toward a life of financial freedom and that is what the 28-day program will help you achieve. 

My experience over the last 20 years has taught me that people don't make their existing money work for them because they dont have a system in place. They are busy chasing and collecting investment products. Simple concepts to compound wealth are all that matter and one needs to have the system in place to implement it. 

That is where the 3D framework comes - Dream | Design | Do .Financial wealth eventually comes to only one thing - building GOOD MONEY HABITS by having a GOOD SYSTEM

And in my course, I am precisely going to work on building the right money habits that can make a difference to your financial health going forwards. 

What will we cover in 28 Days

  • Craft your OWN financial journey - personal finance is more personal than finance
  • Feel in control of your money decisions - learn how to master your investing behaviours  
  • Understand the secrets behind asset allocation and diversification - two of the most powerful concepts in finance 
  • Know how to compound your money with the best set of simple investment products
  • Become the best judge of your investment portfolio - ensure your personal success

Who should consider signing up and how will the course work

Anyone looking to get financially fit. It does not matter if you are 20 or 40. If you want a proven system to improve your financial understanding and health then you should sign up.

The course is designed for people who need to organize their finances and create a personal financial plan for themselves. If you value financial freedom and security and are unsure if you are on the right track this course is for you.

Please note I expect you to commit to the course as I am fully committed to ensuring your success. You will need 10 minutes a day with an hour-long session on the weekends. 

Anyone looking for quick invest today rich tomorrow solutions will not find this course useful. I expect participants to immerse themselves fully and apply the concepts to their personal situations. You will see changes in your approach to personal finance at the end of the 28 days.

We have a cohort every month and the first one starts very soon. All daily course material and tools will be sent via Gumroad and email. We will meet every Saturday afternoon (IST) via Google meet. We chat and learn by Whatsapp too and you will be added to the exclusive Fiscally Fit group.

Zero risk offer

I know this course might seem like a big investment but I am certain it will add much more in value. Let me make it risk-free for you. If for any reason you think I am not able to deliver value to you even after you complete the whole course - Drop an email to me at and ask for a full refund. No questions asked.

See you on the other side and let us get financially fit. 

Kartik Sankaran

Founder Fiscal Fitness

Ps: If you are unable to pay via Gumroad for some reason, please drop me an email on and I will share alternative payment options.

Ps: Exact start date to be confirmed but it will be after Diwali (Monday)

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28 days to a new financially fitter you

Daily content
Videos + Additional excel tools
4 live sessions
Community connect and doubt solving
Small cohort
20 people for personalised learning
1 to 1 call with Kartik
60 minute session to get clarity on your personal finances
Community support
Exclusive WhatsApp group to connect and share learnings
Learning experience
Immersive learning system with accountability to complete learning tasks
No upsells
Complete 28 day program to make you Financially Fit
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28 Days Personal Finance Transformation - BUY COHORT 2 - This is not active

9 ratings
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